Balmain and HM raise fashion social media marketing to a global level: an infographic on 320k tweets

Yes, H&M collaboration did boost Balmain‘s social media presence, engaging influencers and topics from all around the world into the conversation about the two brands and bringing chinese singer Luhan, Philippine tv-series On the wings of love (OTWOL), french radio NRJ’s event NMA and, of course, Kim Kardashian together. Let’s have a look at the top 100 hashtags and mentions, together with a time-series line chart and a network graph of citations, in more than 320k tweets mentioning Balmain, #BalmainxHM and #HMBalmaination last week.


hourly time-series


user mentions

Word clouds created with

Interactive mentions and hashtags network made with Gephi and displayed by gexf.js. The graph shows the most cited (>10 RTs) users and hashtags. The size of the nodes reflects the number of citations, the width of the links how many times a user cites another user or a hashtag. Zoom and scroll to navigate the network, click on individual nodes to see their inlinks and outlinks.

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