Instagram hashtags at Paris Fashion Week

What are the best Instagram hashtags to use when posting on Fashion Week?
I used the Instagram Hashtag Explorer tool by The Digital Methods Initiative to discover it.
The software lets you download up to 20.000 posts from the Instagram API and creates a co-hashtag network showing which hashtags are often used together.
My network had 21.533 nodes and 512.970 edges, I filtered it with a >300 degree threshold (which means keeping only hashtags used more than 300 times) and a minimum edge weight of 30 (displaying connections only between hashtags used more than 30 times together).
If you click on a hashtag you can see all the other hashtags commonly used together.

With Gephi’s cluster detection algorhythm I identified the main topic areas and assigned them a colour.
Two hashtags of the same colour belong to the same semantic area.
Here’s my attempt to describe the different hashtags’ semantic areas:
violet (style, love, beautiful): generic instagram hashtags for fashion
pink/grey (model, beauty, make-up): the body area
emerald green: the Balmain area
green: the collections and catwalk area
yellow: the fashion bloggers area
orange: the stylists area
pink: other fashion weeks area

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