Remember, fight, support, live. Aids themes in 2015

270k tweets mentioning #worldaidsday on december 1st: what were they about? What are Aids main issues these days?

Here is a word co-occurrence network visualization of the tweets. I deleted stop-words (like Aids, world, day, HIV, ecc) and let the software identify and color word clusters:

click here to see the full image or download the zoomable PDF file

It seems to me like the three main groups identify three moments in time:

  • the past (yellow), to which belong the lost lives we have to remember and the fight for awareness (and President Reagan, which you can see at the bottom of the full image)
  • the present (blue) of the recurrence, with its red ribbon symbol showing support from organizations like UNAids, media like Snapchat, foundations like GatesFoundation
  • the future (red) of millions of people living with HIV, but also the fight against new infections addressed by Unicef


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