WebSummit 2015, the topics and the influencers so far

Here is a topics and influencers data visualization from 222k tweets mentioning #websummit, #websummit2015 or @websummithq and published before Nov 5th at 18PM GMT.
The word cloud created with Tagul.com displays the most popular hashtags. Click on a tag to search it on Twitter.
The interactive retweet network made with Gephi and displayed by gexf.js, shows the most retweeted (>10 RTs) users. The size of the nodes reflects the number of retweeters, the width of the links how many times a user retweets another one. Zoom and scroll to navigate the network, click on individual nodes to see their inlinks and outlinks.

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  1. […] Xplor has used their social media presence to connect with everyone at the summit from CEOs to volunteers which has resulted in Xplor making the digital influencers list. […]

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